All face to face meetings suspended due to COVID-19 RESTRICTIONS. Any meetings if applicable will now be conducted remotely. We can continue to work on your behalf remotely where possible and any NEW projects or projects that require more updating can also be disccussed via, email, telephone etc.

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Welcome to Skorbik-Multimedia, we are a small independent company based in the South East. We cater for clients ranging from indviduals who want websites created for them or small companies/organisations who need websites created for them to showcase their businesses. We will also work with other companies to produce content when necessary. Our sister company Carbury Films caters for cilents that want streamed videos on the web to target new markets or improve communication with existing customers. Content is also produced on DVD etc.

So now you know a bit more about us please visit our about us page for more details.

A key benefit is that client requirements for video or stills can be produced by our sister company thereby improving both workflow and controlling/reducing costs and streamlining all administrative processes.

Please note: no new projects/commissions will be undertaken prior to an initial face to face meeting.

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