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Skorbik-Multimedia produces websites and also creates social media profiles and marketing initiatives for a range of individual clients and handle website takeovers from other developers/designers if requested by the client.

We are happy to talk through any initial requirements with the client, this will usually be in the form of a general meeting to discuss options/suggestions with them plus supply the client with some new ideas and a fresh perspective on any project that might be undertaken with us. We also provide support for any website/marketing initiatives and will proof-read/test any published posts on social media and any created webpages.

We also offer other services including business promotion onto industry platforms e.g. Yelp, Trip Advisor etc as well as our existing services. These additional services can be combined if necessary to provide an all in one solution for the client if requested, plus our sister company's services Carbury Films can also be used too if requested for Video creation. From pre-production to post-production as an added bonus!

There are usually additional costs associated with creating a professional website and other marketing initiatives will also incur a cost in addition to any payments for existing services. These together along with any other queries/questions will be explained prior to any work undertaken.

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